"Sırmaison", where you can find cutlery, dinner services and accessories of many world-famous brands from silver to gold, porcelain to crystal, continues to be the common address of those who take care of their homes. Founded in 1995, Sırmaison renews itself every day under the leadership of Rosella Karabacak and Şirin Yalçın to be the stylish platform of many carefully selected world brands.

From silver to gold, crystal to porcelain, tableware to cutlery, elegant gifts to works of art, it offers all your needs from contemporary to classic under one roof.

The Turkish representative of Sırmaison is Ercuis, one of the world's most famous French brands for silver cutlery, and French Raynaud Limoges, one of the world's most established brands when it comes to porcelain dinner and service sets.

There are also many world brands such as Lalique, Moser, Baccarat, Daum, Bernardaud, J.L. Coquet and Marie Daage, and about 30 world brands in accessories such as the leader Greggio, Michael Aram.

Since 2012, SırMaison has started to produce its own models and patterns and offers its own design accessories to decorate your tables as well as world-famous porcelain and cutlery sets.

With 5 stores and many corner concepts across Turkey, Sırmaison has many new and special products that can differentiate your living spaces and become a part of your daily life. Whether it is a wedding gift that will leave a mark, a new touch in your home, or the next perfect gift, a wide range of options awaits you at Sırmaison stores.

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Sırmaison'da 10.000 TL ve üzeri alışverişlerinizde %5 ikinci ve üçüncü alışverişlerinizde %10 indirim sizleri bekliyor.