Citeaux Two Piece Baby Tableware Set in Box with Necklace

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Ercuis' Citeaux cutlery, created in 1974, symbolizes the brand's strong creative vision and unique personality. This signature cutlery is named after the shape of its handles, which are inspired by the gothic architecture of the Citeaux Abbey in France.

The Citeaux collection aims to offer a sophisticated dining experience by combining aesthetics and functionality. Gothic style handles combine elegance and originality, adding a unique touch to the table.

With meticulously crafted details and quality materials in every piece, Citeaux cutlery is a modern interpretation of Ercuis' long-standing heritage of traditional craftsmanship. This collection offers its users the chance to experience not only food but also sophisticated presentation. Citeaux is an exclusive cutlery set that reflects Ercuis' strong sense of design and exquisite craftsmanship.


Citeaux Two Piece Baby Tableware Set with Necklace Gift

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