Tigre Assis Tiger Figure Gold

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Lalique is a French luxury brand particularly known for its crystal craftsmanship and artistic designs. The brand has its origins in a jewelry and glass design workshop founded by René Lalique in 1888. René Lalique was a major influence in glass, crystal and jewelry design, especially during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Lalique produces a variety of products such as elegant crystal vases, perfume bottles, jewelry, glass sculptures and decorative objects. The fine craftsmanship and exclusive designs of crystal have made the brand a symbol of luxury worldwide. The brand also has a tradition of producing perfumes and offers a variety of luxury fragrances. Lalique's products have high standards in aesthetics and craftsmanship and are popular among art lovers, collectors and lovers of luxury. Lalique's products are exclusive creations that reflect its commitment to reflecting the beauty of nature and artistic elegance.

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