Beige Flower Figured Napkin Holder

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As Unique by AV, we have created a special Marin Collection for the summer season with the inspiration that the sea, which we admire, opens the doors of a fascinating world that it also hides in its deep blues with the sparkles of the sun during the day and the moonlight reflected from the night sky.
The objects that we create by imagining the sparkles above the sea and the mysterious world beneath it, the colorful corals and fish, the glittering mother-of-pearl and shells, the strong crabs that can protect themselves and the undersea, are like works of art, each one like the beginning of a separate fairy tale from beyond time...
As Unique by AV, we offer you the Marin Collection consisting of natural and decorative as well as functional objects that remind us of these beauties in our homes or boats.
This collection, full of the fascinating beauties of the sea, such as the elegance of a coral, the mystery of a starfish, the texture of a seashell, reflects our admiration for nature and the unique bond we have established with it; it will enable you to bring the fascinating atmosphere of the sea to every space you are in.

Are you ready to embark on a journey full of history and legends?

Touch your style and living spaces with Unique by AV!

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