You have found the person you will spend a lifetime with!
After that, a sweet rush begins. A new journey and many decisions await you...

SIRMAISON MARRIAGE LIST ADVISOR works with you in this sweet but difficult decision process... Alternatives, colors, patterns, needs, choices... all easier with our consultants.

With Sırmaison's marriage list application, newlyweds can plan all their needs according to their personal tastes; relatives of happy couples can also present gifts that will find their place.

Sırmasion Wedding Concierge is not only a marriage list service, but we also have consultants who will be with you at every moment of this happy rush.

Every service is available, from the promise tray, chocolate bowls to the gifts you will give to your rare guests during the wedding.
During your first meeting with your consultant, your choices will be discussed with your family and guests in line with the list of needs determined together.
Then, when the master list is finalized, you will have a chance to review and change it again.

You can think of this Wedding List like a piggy bank system, there is always time to re-evaluate the decisions you have made or the products you have chosen in this hectic process.

New couples can find different and special gift alternatives from world brands at Sırmaison, which has a wide and high quality product range. Call us to schedule an appointment with our marriage counselors.

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